Overfishing: What’s your stand?

As I have highlighted in a previous post, Japan is well known for shark finning and indeed overfishing marine fish. However, with species such as the bluefin tuna beginning to decline due to overfishing, a serious global response is required – the sea belongs to the world, not just one country.


One aspect of smart travelling is being aware of potential issues that require international attention. As a third party, could you potentially be exacerbating the issue at hand? How would you find more information and respond appropriately?


As a foreigner myself, I would interview authorities such as fishery ministries from global companies and around the country as well as interview international organisations who protect these fishes. After receiving all the facts, I would make an evaluative and objective stand toward the issue: if it is serious enough to affect future generations, it would be prominent to take immediate action.


Given that I am only just foreigner, I could use my expertise in english to rally global support towards the overfishing issue in Japan via social or other forms of media. Furthermore, it would be exciting to collaborate with other people who can speak English as well.


Overall, tackling this issue would require the collaboration of several govenrmental bodies and thus constitute international engagement.